Sempoa SIP Indonesian Abacus Contest: Aiming for Guinness World Record with 11,000 Kids

Children participating in the Sempoa SIP Indonesian Abacus Contest

Indonesia is set to make history again in the world of education and achievement. Following their successful entry into the Guinness World Records in August 2023, the country is poised for another spectacular feat. This time, the spotlight is on the “Sempoa SIP Indonesian Abacus Contest.” This event, organised by Sempoa SIP Indonesia, is not just any competition. It’s a gathering of over 11,000 children from Aceh to Papua, all set to participate in the Sempoa SIP National Competition, commonly known as Komsipnas.

“On 17 December 2023, the Sempoa SIP Indonesian Abacus Contest will see more than 11,000 Indonesian children uniting to compete and make their mark in the Guinness World Records,” announced Alexander K Taslim, founder of Sempoa SIP, today.

He further explained that this attempt at the world record is a reflection of Sempoa SIP’s relentless pursuit of excellence. “Choosing the Guinness World Records, based in London, England, for our record attempt signifies our commitment to the highest standards,” he added. This event also marks the 25th anniversary of Sempoa SIP in Indonesia, showcasing their continuous effort to elevate educational standards for Indonesian children’s future.

“This record by Sempoa SIP in the Indonesian Abacus Contest is a testament to the global capabilities of Indonesian children. It’s a proud moment not just for Sempoa SIP, but for Indonesia as a nation,” he proudly stated.

Elevating Education: The Sempoa SIP Indonesian Abacus Contest

The Sempoa SIP Indonesian Abacus Contest is integral to SempoaSIP’s innovative curriculum. This program is designed not only to impart abacus skills but also to build confidence and competitive spirit among Indonesian youth, preparing them for the global stage.

Uniting Indonesia Through Education

The inclusivity of the Sempoa SIP Indonesian Abacus Contest is commendable. It bridges educational disparities, reaching out to children across the diverse archipelago of Indonesia.

Celebrating 25 Years of Educational Innovation

Marking its 25th year, Sempoa SIP has been at the forefront of educational excellence in Indonesia. The Sempoa SIP Indonesian Abacus Contest is a culmination of their commitment to nurturing young minds.

Guinness World Record: More Than Just a Record

The Sempoa SIP Indonesian Abacus Contest’s entry into the Guinness World Records is a significant statement of Indonesia’s educational prowess on the world stage.

Conclusion: Be Part of the Sempoa SIP Journey

As Sempoa SIP prepares for the grand Sempoa SIP Indonesian Abacus Contest. Enrol your child in a free trial class at Sempoa SIP and experience the transformative power of their education.


  1. What is the focus of the Sempoa SIP Indonesian Abacus Contest?

It focuses on bringing together over 11,000 children for a record-breaking abacus competition.

  1. How can my child participate in Sempoa SIP programs?

Visit to register for the Sempoa SIP.

  1. What makes the Sempoa SIP Indonesian Abacus Contest unique?

Its aim to set a Guinness World Record with the largest number of participants in an abacus contest.

  1. Who is eligible for Sempoa SIP’s classes?

All Indonesian children are welcome to participate in the Sempoa SIP Indonesian Abacus Contest and classes.

  1. Why focus on abacus education at Sempoa SIP?

Abacus education enhances mental agility and is a core part of Sempoa SIP’s curriculum.



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