Art & Craft Supplies Guide for Aussie Kids

Variety of art and craft supplies spread out for Australian kids

Introduction to Art and Craft Supplies for Creativity

Variety of art and craft supplies spread out for Australian kids

Encouraging creativity in children is not just an activity; it’s an investment in their future development, and selecting the right art and craft supplies is pivotal in this creative journey. In Australia, a country renowned for its natural beauty and vibrant culture, the landscape itself becomes a canvas of endless inspiration. Providing children with the essential tools to express this inspiration is more than essential; it’s a duty. This comprehensive guide shines a spotlight on the crucial art and craft supplies that should be in every Australian child’s creative arsenal. From the lush, green expanses of Tasmania to the dynamic urban landscapes of Sydney and Melbourne, these supplies are the bridge between the raw beauty of Australia and the unbounded imagination of its youngest creators. Highlighting not just any supplies, but those from esteemed local brands and stores, this guide is tailored to ensure that Australian kids not only have access to the best materials but also to resources that understand and complement the unique Australian flair. Whether it’s the vivid hues of paint that reflect the country’s spectacular sunsets or the durable paper and canvases that can hold the dreams of a young artist, this guide to art and craft supplies in Australia is your first step towards nurturing a generation of creators, thinkers, and innovators.

Essential Art and Craft Supplies Every Australian Kid Needs

Fostering creativity in Australian children means equipping them with the right tools from the get-go. The art and craft supplies detailed below are not just materials; they are gateways to imagination, self-expression, and cognitive development. Let’s dive deeper into each category, understanding why they’re indispensable and how they can be best utilised in the Australian context.

Paints: A Splash of Colour


Ideal for young Australian artists dipping their toes into the vast ocean of creativity, watercolours are the perfect start. They’re forgiving for beginners, making it easy to correct mistakes and experiment without fear. The washable nature of watercolours means that they’re also parent-friendly, easy to clean off surfaces and out of clothes. Mixing these paints allows children to learn about colour theory firsthand, laying a foundational understanding of how different hues interact.


For projects that require a bit more durability and vibrance, acrylic paints are the go-to. These paints dry quickly, reducing waiting times and allowing for layering of colours without muddying. Acrylics can adhere to a variety of surfaces, from paper and canvas to wood and rocks, making them versatile for all kinds of creative projects. The bold colours of acrylics mirror the vibrant landscapes of Australia, from the red deserts of the Outback to the turquoise waters of the Great Barrier Reef.

Brushes: The Right Stroke

Choosing the right brush is crucial for any painting project. Fine brushes are essential for adding details that bring a piece to life, whether it’s the delicate veins of a leaf or the intricate lines of a cityscape. On the other hand, wide brushes allow for the swift application of backgrounds and large areas of colour, setting the stage for more detailed work to come. Experimenting with different brush sizes and shapes teaches children about the effects they can achieve, encouraging them to think creatively about how they use their tools.

Paper and Canvases: The Foundation of Art

Watercolour Paper:

This type of paper is specifically designed to handle the wet media of watercolour paints. Its thickness and texture prevent the paper from warping or tearing when wet, ensuring that young artists’ work remains pristine. Using watercolour paper also introduces children to the concept of choosing the right materials for their projects, an important aspect of any creative endeavour.

Sketch Pads:

A sketch pad is an artist’s constant companion, perfect for doodling, conceptualising, and practising. These pads offer a portable and convenient surface for children to express their ideas anytime, anywhere, from the rugged coasts of Tasmania to the urban parks of Sydney.

Canvas Boards:

When a project demands a more permanent home, canvas boards come into play. These sturdy surfaces are ideal for both acrylic and oil paints, allowing young artists to create pieces that feel more “finished” and suitable for display. The act of painting on canvas can make children feel like professional artists, boosting their confidence and pride in their creations.

Drawing Supplies: The Basis of Creativity

Before any paint touches the canvas, most art projects begin with a simple sketch. This makes drawing supplies some of the most important in any artist’s toolkit. Pencils of various hardness grades allow for a wide range of shading and textural effects, from light, barely-there outlines to deep, bold shadows. Erasers and sharpeners are equally crucial, ensuring that mistakes can be corrected and pencils are always ready for the artist’s next inspiration.

Crafting Materials: Beyond the Brush

Art isn’t just about painting and drawing; it’s also about creating something tangible that you can hold, display, or even use. Scissors, glue, and tape open up a world of possibilities for making anything from simple collages to complex models. Modelling clay, in particular, offers a sensory experience that’s both educational and therapeutic, allowing children to explore three-dimensional forms and bring their imaginations to life in a whole new way.

Miscellaneous: The Extras That Matter

To complete our comprehensive list of essential art and craft supplies, we must not forget markers, crayons, stencils, and stamps. These items add variety and depth to any project. Markers and crayons are perfect for adding bright pops of colour and are easy for little hands to grip and control. Stencils and stamps, meanwhile, help in creating consistent patterns and shapes, teaching children about symmetry, repetition, and design.

Where to Shop for Art and Craft Supplies in Australia

Navigating the vast world of art and craft supplies in Australia can be as simple as knowing the right places to look. Renowned for its support of the arts, Australia is home to a variety of stores that cater to the creative needs of both young beginners and seasoned child artists. Among these, Eckersley’s, Art Shed Online, and Officeworks stand out as prime destinations for quality art supplies.

Eckersley’s is a staple for art enthusiasts, offering an extensive range of supplies that cater to every artistic venture. From high-quality paints and pencils to durable canvases and papers, Eckersley’s is dedicated to sourcing the best materials for budding artists. Their knowledgeable staff are always on hand to offer advice, making it easier to select the right products for your child’s creative pursuits.

Art Shed Online brings the convenience of shopping for art supplies into the digital age. Perfect for busy parents or those living in remote areas, this online retailer provides an impressive selection of art materials from top Australian brands. Their user-friendly website makes it easy to find exactly what you need, with detailed product descriptions and reviews to guide your choices.

Officeworks, while known for office supplies, also offers a wide range of art and craft materials suitable for children. Their competitive prices and extensive network of stores across Australia make Officeworks a convenient option for families looking to stock up on essential supplies. The store also regularly updates its inventory to include eco-friendly and safe options for kids, ensuring that parents can shop with confidence.

Conclusion and Call to Action

Art and craft play a pivotal role in the development of children, offering a unique medium through which they can express themselves and learn about the world. In Australia, parents are fortunate to have access to a wide array of high-quality art supplies, thanks to reputable local stores and online retailers. By investing in these essential tools, we can help unlock our children’s creative potential and encourage a lifelong passion for the arts.

However, the journey of creativity and learning doesn’t stop at art supplies. SempoaSIP offers a unique opportunity to enhance this journey through educational programs that blend fun with learning. By registering for a Free Abacus Trial Class, parents can introduce their children to a nurturing environment where education and creativity intersect. This program not only enriches their artistic talents but also develops their cognitive skills, preparing them for a bright and successful future.

Let’s take this step together, equipping our children with the art and craft supplies they need and the educational opportunities they deserve. By doing so, we empower them to explore their creativity, express their thoughts, and achieve their full potential. Visit SempoaSIP today and discover how we can help shape the future of our young artists and thinkers.

FAQs About Art and Craft Supplies for Australian Kids

1. What is the right age to start using art and craft supplies?

Children as young as three can begin exploring with art and craft supplies, with supervision for younger kids to ensure safety, especially with items like scissors.

2. Are there environmentally friendly art supplies?

Yes, many Australian brands are committed to sustainability, offering a range of eco-friendly art and craft supplies for environmentally conscious families.

3. Can siblings share these art and craft supplies?

Definitely. Sharing supplies can be a great way for siblings to learn about cooperation and to inspire each other’s creativity.

4. How often should art and craft supplies be replenished?

This varies based on usage, but keeping an eye on supplies like paper and paint will ensure your child always has what they need to stay creative.

5. Where can I find art classes for my child?

Many local art stores offer workshops for children. Additionally, enrolling in programs like SempoaSIP can complement their artistic pursuits with valuable educational experiences.



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