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Abacus Class for Kids

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Proven method to unlock your kid's brain power and full potential.

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Welcome to Sempoa SIP Abacus

Sempoa SIP Academy™ provides internationally acclaimed child development programs aimed at providing 6-12 year old children with the skills required to excel in a rapidly changing, ever more competitive global economy. Our programs facilitate the development of a “mental abacus” in the child’s mind which enhances visual-spatial competency, concentration, math skills and learning ability.

Already a phenomenon in several countries including Malaysia, India, China and Indonesia, our unique programs provide fun learning techniques designed to inspire and challenge each child. The classes are led by course instructors who have undergone intensive training in the delivery of key concepts, and utilize child friendly course material. Small class sizes facilitate a fast-paced learning environment with a personal touch.

Our Vision

Our vision is to distribute world-class learning programs and related products, which make a significant impact on the mental potential of children.
We aim to achieve our vision by creating a culture of continuous improvement across our network of regional partners, franchisees, trainers, course instructors. We try to make all decisions based on a simple motto —children first. This motto guides us to implement a culture and value system based on building strong lasting relationships with all our stake-holders, and especially the parents who invest their trust in us.

Our Mission

We strive to help children realize their full brain potential and enhance their learning abilities. Our mission is to create an enlightened generation which makes positive remarkable contribution to the society.
Our vision is to make a difference by creating and distributing world class programs that significantly impact the mental potential of children. We will achieve the above by creating a culture of continuously raising the bar in enriching customers, channel partners and employees by continuously training, assessing & implementing feedback.
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