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Unlock your kid's brain power and full potential

Unlock your kid's brain power and full potential

Why Our Abacus Training?

Sequential Thinking
Critical thinking pattern in determining the best steps to solve the problems.

Auditorial Skills
Improve listening skill and translated to the right messages

Numerical Ability
Improving agility and precision with numbers

Logical thinking
Ability to analyse and find best solutions to problems

Read Write Visualisation
The ability to visualise words that are read and write

abacus training benefit for brain

Photographics memory
Improving child’s memory power with great detail

Training child imagination through abacus visualisations

Developing the ability to generate new ideas

Ability to have laser sharp focus

Spatial orientation
To acurately perceive the visual spatial world and make changes by observing or imagining

How our Abacus Training will benefit your child?

What is the goal?

The goal of our abacus training programme is to help the children to enhance their memory and focus and it has been shown to offer many advantages for improving grades, problem-solving abilities, building confidence and developing good study habits.

All ages and ability levels, from novices to experts, can benefit from our curriculum. We provide simple offline and online lessons with our professional advice, one-on-one coaching  and flexible scheduling to meet your busy lifestyle.


Improve children's perfomance at school by developing both left and right brain
improve children performance at school with abacus training


Take away fear toward numbers, calculations and complex arithmetics
take away fears of numbers with abacus training


Optimises brain capabilities and enhances self confidence

optimise brain's capabilities with abacus training

Why Choose Us?

Free Trial Class!

Unlock the Magic of Numbers with a Free Abacus Class! 🎉 Ready to discover the secret world of abacus? Reserve your complimentary 30-minute session now! This teaser class will not only demystify abacus for you and your kiddos but also reveal how it can supercharge skills like logical reasoning, focus, and imagination. Stand out from the crowd with our unique approach!


Why They Love Us

“I am very recommended Sempoa SIP Point Cook. My daughter had lesson in here since she was 5 years old. She loves to come every week because the teachers taught the lessons in a fun way and they always give me updates about her progress. My daughter never has math problems in her school and always become the top student on her class. Thank you Sempoa SIP Point Cook.“
“I really recommended this Point Cook Abacus Sempoa Sip. My son loves it too. He joined this Abacus when he was in Prep and now he's Grade 2 and his mathematic skill was excellent. During this pandemic Sempoa Sip also gave an excellent services, i never thought it would be so good. Even my son loves it. Well done for all the teachers. Thanks so much.”
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